In Africa, the lifeblood of research and development is inadequate but innovative ideas are reaching us in time, courtesy of advancement in Internet connectivity. In Kenya, there is increasing realization in the construction sector that adopting green building concepts provide property developers and managers, estate Agents, property buyers, tenants and other users unique properties distinguished by eco-friendly features with high property demand, higher rental incomes and drastically subsidized by mother nature.

What is this green building? The concept covers the entire project lifecycle. It starts with a design using natural lighting and humble aeration, rain gardens, green roofs, renewable energy, rainwater harvesting and recycling, using carefully select construction materials. 

The fundamental purpose of adopting green building concepts is to increase the quality of life of property users. This covers, reduction in health problems as a result of poor ventilation, use of bulbs that accord you non-injurious radiation while according you low power cost, provision of clean rainwater and other benefits.  

The Green Kenya Investment Corporation (GKIC) core mandate covers real estate investment in green buildings as well as the provision of Environmental services including Integrated environmental and social impact assessments and environmental Audits.  Current investments include, the Greenhouse Mall, Nine Planets Apartments among others.

The corporation provides pre-development insights on unnecessary construction materials, green and cheaper options from the floor, facilities, and utilities to green roofing.  The GKIC environmental assessment report does not only serve NEMA purposes but becomes an integral reference document during construction.

The corporation also provides Environmental Audits (EA) and Occupational Health and Safety services (OSHA) to existing and operating properties. The Corporation is increasingly getting buyers to examine properties that they intend to buy to guarantee that the floor is green, the wall paint is clean and without lead, that the floor is not carrying silica that would harm crawling babies and that the borehole water is safe for use. 

Innovation, and continuous research are the driving pillars of GKIC operations. We know international trends from our global network. Whether you are a buyer, tenant or just a visitor, your health comes first. Let us come together and support the Green Kenya Investment Corporation because we are “going green, for life”.

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