Githinji Sabbina Wangui, Real Estate Officer at GKIC.

To our clients and friends, the environmentalist family welcomes you to this 6th edition of our Bulletin.

I wish to extend our sincere thanks to you for your cooperation and partnership during the year. We thank the national government, non-governmental organizations, the 47 county governments, the religious institutions, and individual Kenyans of all walks of life for chivalrously supporting us in our environmental management accomplishments. Indeed, together, we made 2020 such a successful year.

Rent in Lavington are lower than Expected


Customarily, the festive season comes with immense blessings. Rains set in. All Kenyans become happier and more generous. Accordingly, man needs more fuel, more water, more charcoal, and more firewood. Paradoxically, in the long run, rain turn to floods, gifts turn to plastic and other wastes, excitement turn to noise pollution, food produces a heavy waste burden. Places of worship turn to dens of devil worship. Man has time to turn the tables and experience God’s favor.

The mood at the garden of Eden, reflected in Genesis 3:8-24 reflects man as unable to responsibly exercise dominion on creation. Since, if he loves flowers, he plucks them. If he loves trees, he cuts them down. When he loved Jesus, he crucified Him. I think man loves the environment!

During this festive season, do not entertain talk about irresponsible love. If you love flowers and trees, grow them. If you like to join me in activism, don’t say the river is dirty, clean it. Don’t talk about plastic bags, pick them. Don’t join noisemakers, stop them. Everything happening on earth is your business. Develop the tradition of writing about these small acts that affect or are likely to disturb the environment. You may share your apprehensions with me and with the regulators, particularly NEMA.

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